JackieO Reservoir — Which do u like better?

This is where I ran today.

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  1. paigemakenziee answered: The bottom one
  2. supbelle answered: second one
  3. streetsphotographer answered: the upper one
  4. manete answered: the second one
  5. azulsirene answered: Second
  6. wonderingwithlove answered: bottom
  7. inafricawedontsayhakunamatata answered: i like the top one because of the city.
  8. wickedbob answered: I like the second one better
  9. watsons-jumper answered: Bottom photo (:
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  11. thergvk answered: bottom picture. the colors are more vibrant.
  12. carterash17 answered: the bottom one looks nicer it has better lighting then the first one, and the colors show more
  13. crashandfallintomyarms answered: the second one
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    This is where I ran today.
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